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If the Windy City can show us anything, it’s that die-hard Chicago Cub fans come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  More so, fans come from different walks of life, waving flags of different colors, including, best of all, the rainbow-colored variety.  “Landline,” from local do-it-all filmmaker Matthew Aaron, is a fun-loving LGBTQ+ comedy merging ardent North Siders with snappy musings on our societal obsessions with technology, all in proximity to the heavenly palace that is Wrigley Field.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: New regular guest blogger for Feelin' Film

Matching my signature niche, I pitched the Feelin' Film website on writing a weekly column on the serious and farcical life lessons learned each week from either the current film releases or the prevailing movie industry trends of the moment.  Since mid-January 2017, that idea has become the column "What Did We Learn This Week."  My weekly column features commentary and content I don't post anywhere else, not even here.

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COLUMN: New daily themes for social media pages

For quite some time, I've been meaning to add more momentum and engagement to my presence on Facebook and Twitter.  I'm active with posting my reviews and shared fun stories, but that content is more random than formal or thematic.  It lacks a guiding regularity.  So, as of this new year and new work week, I'm adding daily themes to my posts and threads shared on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  I have a blast talking to all of you casually and I would like to do more.  Here's the plan:

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