COLUMN: New daily themes for social media pages


For quite some time, I've been meaning to add more momentum and engagement to my presence on Facebook and Twitter.  This website's Facebook page is healthy and active with my review links and my frequent shares of articles and trailers.  My Twitter page automatically mirrors most of my Facebook, Squarespace, and postings.  However, that content is more random than formal or thematic.  It lacks a guiding regularity.  So, as of this new year and new work week, I'm adding daily themes to my posts and threads shared on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  I have a blast talking to all of you casually and I would like to do more.  Here's the plan:

MONDAYS:  "Meme Mondays"

I love a good gag and Mondays could use a kick in the pants.  Mondays will be all about the jokes to brighten our upcoming work weeks.  Bring on the best of the internet! 

TUESDAYS: "New Movie Tuesdays"

Tuesday is the day new DVD and Blu-ray discs hit stores shelves, VOD platforms, and store fronts like Redbox.  I would like to highlight those offerings with trailers and my connected reviews.

WEDNESDAYS: "Hater Wednesdays"

I'm borrowing this theme idea from Chicago sports personality Laurence Holmes.  Wednesdays are the proverbial "hump" day and we all could use a break by this point of the week.  We need to vent a little in order to make it to the upcoming weekend.  Wednesdays will be the open day to rant, share, and post about a movie, actor, actress, director, trend, or topic that you hate.  I'll start, but feel free to join in the conversation.

THURSDAYS: "Throwback Thursdays"

My website has been around long enough to have a full 400+ review catalog.  On Thursdays, I'll pull from the archives and post past reviews for return appreciation and discussion.  I'll also add titles, articles, trailers, or snippets for movie history that occurred that given week.

FRIDAYS: "Pop Quiz Fridays"

As a former classroom teacher, I was sure to drop a week-end assessment or two on Fridays.  The final weekday will be reserved for question threads to present and answer thoughts that I or you have about anything and everything movies.  Let's talk dream casting, what ifs, ask me anythings, opinions, spoilers, life lessons, or anything that anyone is wondering.  We'll toss those ideas back and forth together.

SATURDAYS: "Weekend Web Picks"

I'm pretty safe in assuming that more people get their movies from the couch at home over making trips to the movie theaters.  On Saturdays, I'll offer some current recommendations for movies available via Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other VOD or online platforms.  I hope to either show off a can't-miss film or shed light on a hidden gem you might not be seeing scrolling through your searches.

SUNDAYS: "Symphony Sundays"

I'm a huge fan of movie music.  Heck, I wrote a pair of editorials (including a playlist) last year about film music adding to the "Mozart Effect" and my use of it to put my two toddlers to sleep instead of hokey lullabies.  To kick back and relax on Sundays, I'll post some fine samples of musical scores to share, discuss, and enjoy.  

As always, when bigger things break like new trailers, movie news, box office results, or new reviews of mine, those will all still appear as postings when they happen on Facebook and Twitter.  These themes are being added to boost the enjoyment and engagement in between.  I hope to see you all online.  Of course, if you've haven't "liked" this website's Facebook page or become a follower on Twitter, please do so!  Join in the new fun!