MEDIA APPEARANCE: New regular guest blogger for Feelin' Film

The saying goes "birds of a feather flock together."  Through the randomness of social media, film critics seem to know, find, and follow other film critics who are friends of friends.  We're all attention hounds that push and plug our sites and peers.  

That is how I became acquainted with Aaron White, one of the two Seattle-area podcasting founders of the site Feelin' Film.  He and I have a mutual friend, recent Every Movie Has a Lesson guest critic and Oklahoman, Blaine Grimes of Reel World Theology.  Blaine is another film critic I've met virtually and vicariously through yet another film critic of an entirely separate random web networking find, longtime Texan friend of the page Tim Day of Day at the Movies.  Good Lord, I need to watch "Inception" now after explaining that while I recommend that you love, like, and follow all of their linked pages above.

In any case, Aaron and his partner Patrick Hicks put out an open call for guest bloggers on their Facebook page to bolster the written arm of their podcast's website.  Matching my signature niche, I pitched the two gentlemen on writing a weekly column on the serious and farcical life lessons learned each week from either the current film releases or the prevailing movie industry trends of the moment.  They approved and, since mid-January 2017, that idea has become the column "What Did We Learn This Week."

My weekly column features commentary and content I don't post anywhere else, not even here.  I'm having a blast with this new audience and opportunity.  I hear I might even guest on a future Feelin' Film podcast.  I'll be cross-promoting the links on my Facebook page and archiving the links on my archive here, but the action stays there and drops there first.  Wordpress nuts, please seek my work out on Feelin' Film!  Look for the familiar film-wrapped apple logo!