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MOVIE REVIEW: Swiss Army Man

As ambiguous as this sounds, your love or hate of the new film and Sundance favorite, “Swiss Army Man,” will say something about your inner quirkiness, mindset, and, most of all, your heart.  Packed with detail and imagination beyond belief, this film defies classification and destroys the hyperbole, pretense, and comparative euphemisms that normally define films about friendship, the genre of buddy movies, and even unconventional screen love stories.  Movies that tug our heartstrings with a smile normally kill us with kindness.  The polarizing “Swiss Army Man” kills us with weirdness.  This film lets its WTF freak flag fly and encourages you to do the same.

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All the buddy cop measurements and prerequisites are plugged into the new film "Let's Be Cops," which opens this coming August.  I was lucky enough to catch a very advance screening of the film.  The writers here, led by director Luke Greenfield of the forgettable "Something Borrowed," have the potential of a unique idea and a decent pair of leads to work with, but it's the real cop stuff that bogs the film down.

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