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COLUMN: My Worst Films of 2014

Here are three lists of the worst movies of the 2014, as ranked by Every Movie Has a Lesson and fans of the website.  Enjoy and Happy New Year!  Let's turn the page to a new year.  

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CHECKLIST: 2014 Late Summer Movie Calendar

Here is the master list of releases and dates for the late half of this summer movie season for 2014.  Print it out, slap it on the fridge, and pick your spots.  As always, dates and movies shift all of the time, so look before you drive out to the theater.  Full preview coming up next!

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All the buddy cop measurements and prerequisites are plugged into the new film "Let's Be Cops," which opens this coming August.  I was lucky enough to catch a very advance screening of the film.  The writers here, led by director Luke Greenfield of the forgettable "Something Borrowed," have the potential of a unique idea and a decent pair of leads to work with, but it's the real cop stuff that bogs the film down.

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