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Isolated survival films have an immense draw.  Our self-preservation instincts kick in and we, as the audience, cannot help but hypothetically put ourselves in the same conundrum as the main character.  Often these films delve into the preciousness of the life and dabble in the “what does it all mean” direction to pull even more thought and emotion.  A few metaphors dipped in symbolism make for nice touches.  Regrettably, the peril grinder of “Mine” pounds its not-so-thinly-veiled metaphors repeatedly and insufferably into the ground.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Other Half

For better or worse, Nickie and Emily, the two lovers orbiting at the center of "The Other Half," are two volatile human chemicals.  Welshman Tom Cullen's Nickie is a sorrowful, combative man with a hair-trigger temper.  Tatiana Maslany's Emily is a bipolar sprite with an astounding gap between her highs and her lows.  By themselves, each are unstable and damaged.  The question for the film becomes what happens when Nickie and Emily are combined.  Does their pairing tame their respective caustic qualities or does it multiply the damage?  "The Other Half" has the makings of a fascinating relationship piece and off-kilter love story.

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