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COLUMN: 16 hidden gem films from 2016

Even with my access to more-than-most with festival coverage and press credentials, I can’t see everything.  What I can do is prop up some hidden gems that I was lucky enough to see and review.  Here are 16 under-seen winners from 2016.  The qualifier for the list was title earning less than $1 million at the box office.  They are ranked from highest-scoring review to least.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Sea of Trees

Cloying as it may be to some, “The Sea of Trees” still contains a poetry and a message of forced reflection and vitality with incorporeal nudges.  These are touchy musings, for sure.  Audiences that have the reflective capacity for tapping into those feelings and fears will appreciate this effort and the dedicated performances.  Close-hearted and discomforted cynics that do not will flatly dismiss it instead and tell you (and it) to keep your feelings to yourself.  This writer is openly capable of being in the first audience welcoming the deep thoughts.

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