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COLUMN: 16 hidden gem films from 2016

Even with my access to more-than-most with festival coverage and press credentials, I can’t see everything.  What I can do is prop up some hidden gems that I was lucky enough to see and review.  Here are 16 under-seen winners from 2016.  The qualifier for the list was title earning less than $1 million at the box office.  They are ranked from highest-scoring review to least.

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COLUMN: The 10 Best Films of 2016

I’ll have you know that this is the latest this website has ever posted a “10 Best” list in its six-plus year history.  I want to say that 2016 exhausted me, but it didn’t.  “Every Movie Has a Lesson” published a personal-best 114 film reviews in 2016.  Even after a record year, there is part of me that sits here and knows there was room for more.  The to-do list of recommended films and overdue titles is never empty.  

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EDITORIAL: The Best of 2016 (so far)

Many of my personal most-anticipated picks and my crystal ball Oscar prognostications are still coming, but I have been lucky enough to see over 50 film films in the first half of 2016.  Since it's only been a half-year, I'll split a year-end "10 Best" list into a Top 5.  True to this website's theme, I present you my picks for the "Best of 2016 (so far)" coupled with their best life lesson from my full reviews. 

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MOVIE REVIEW: Coming Through the Rye

2016 Phoenix Film Festival special presentation

With full disclosure, this very writer is an absolute sucker for a satisfying "coming-of-age" film.  Their youthful themes keep us young and sway our sensibilities to reflect on our own lives, no matter our age.  Admirable coming-of-age films are always welcome, but the exceptional ones deserve to get shouted from the mountaintops.  James Sadwith's "Coming Through the Rye" recently won Best Film and Best Screenplay honors at the 2016 Phoenix Film Festival.  This infatuating dramedy earns that special distinction of exceptionality and warrants all of the volume one can muster.

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