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OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2016: The minor film categories

Through several editorial features, here is my analysis to formulate my official Academy Award predictions.  In this second post, we look at the obscure minor film categories that include foreign films, documentaries, animated films, and short films.  Get the dartboard out, but stick with me and I will win you your Oscar pool!

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COLUMN: Who should win/will win the 2016 Golden Globes?

More and more each year, the Golden Globes have become more an a popularity contest than a true precursor to the Academy Awards.  What you're watching on TV is a party thrown by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and hosted by Ricky Gervais in an effort to be loved and share some love.  To its credit, the awards show still garners legitimate attention and ratings.  The winners do get a pretty positive rub and the marketers gain a few more "Winner of..." graphics to put in the newspapers next to their films.

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GUEST CRITIC #12: Shaun the Sheep

For me, this is a very special edition of my "Guest Critic" series.  It is a return for two very special little boys who have grown up before my eyes.  Hop in to get reacquainted with Patrick and Nate!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Shaun the Sheep

In the current cinematic landscape filled with modern technology and instant gratification, there is a lost appreciation for hand-done work.  Traditional animation, stop-motion, and claymation have become a dying art form with the advent of computer animation and modern tools.  It's easy to look past the old and simple in favor of the new and shiny toy, but sometimes the old and simple can show up the new and pretty with ease.  That's the beauty of something like "Shaun the Sheep."  

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COLUMN: 2015 Late Summer Movie Preview

Boy, I'm just going to come out and say it.  Contrary to prior expectations, there is not much worthwhile left in the 2015 summer movie season.  May and June were loaded and delivered a plethora of hits.  Outside of some noteworthy big hitters, the slates for July and August don't look all that strong.  Here's a complete preview of the final two months and second half of the 2015 summer movie season.  

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COLUMN: 2015 Winter Movie Preview

It has to be said every year, but the slowest season of the box office year are the months of January and February.  It's a dumping grounds for studios in slow months of cold weather and foot traffic at the multiplexes.  These are movies that aren't good enough for awards qualification and the holiday audiences of December or for the chipper personality of spring.  It's cold, slow, and drop off from awards frenzy.

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