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If you are not a die-hard geek or comic book fan, there's a chance you've never heard of "Deadpool."  After this Presidents' Day/Valentine's Day holiday weekend, you will never forget him.  Take all of the pathos, mythology, gravitas, nobility, and world-rescuing heroism have you come to expect from a superhero film, throw them out the window, and light them on fire.  "Deadpool" is the most red-faced and side-splitting movie of the comic genre to date.  

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WARNING: The following picture attached this website's review is an actual image from the film "Self/less" but it may indicate what your own facial expression will look like either live while watching "Self/less" or after seeing the film in its entirety.  The timing and severity of this effect will vary among each audience member, but, make no mistake, this is the end result.

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COLUMN: 2015 Late Summer Movie Preview

Boy, I'm just going to come out and say it.  Contrary to prior expectations, there is not much worthwhile left in the 2015 summer movie season.  May and June were loaded and delivered a plethora of hits.  Outside of some noteworthy big hitters, the slates for July and August don't look all that strong.  Here's a complete preview of the final two months and second half of the 2015 summer movie season.  

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