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GUEST CRITIC #24: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Steve Clifton acknowledges that his relevance in today's culture is barely recognized.  I'm right there with him, but, both he and I continue to pretend people like us.   Maybe you will too.  The film critic of Popcorn Confessional and regular columnist Feelin' Film is my latest GUEST CRITIC reviewing "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword."

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: "Feelin' Film" Summer Movie Challenge

Aaron White and Patrick Hicks, the podcasters of Feelin' Film, have invited me to join a box office throwdown.  As the eventual winner, they don't know what hit them.  Joined by fellow Feelin' Film contributor, Steve Clifton of Popcorn Confessional, the four of us are aiming to predict which summer movies will rake at the box office in the second annual Feelin' Film Summer Movie Challenge.  

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the "Feelin' Film" post-Oscars podcast

One of the perks of becoming a regular blogging contributor on a podcast site is getting the occasional chance to appear on the actual podcast.  Aaron White, one of the hosts of "Feelin' Film," connected time zones to bring myself and Popcorn Confessional critic Steve Clifton together for an extended post-Oscar wrap-up show.  Listen to our reactions, rants, loves, and heartbreaks to both the 89th Academy Awards and the website's first annual "Feeler's Choice Awards."

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