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GUEST CRITIC #24: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Steve Clifton acknowledges that his relevance in today's culture is barely recognized.  I'm right there with him, but, both he and I continue to pretend people like us.   Maybe you will too.  The film critic of Popcorn Confessional and regular columnist Feelin' Film is my latest GUEST CRITIC reviewing "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword."

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If you've seen one boxing movie, you've seen them all.  They are their own formula, cliche, and sub-genre of sports movies.  If you've seen one rags-to-riches triumph or riches-to-rags-back-to-riches redemption, you've seen them all.  If you've heard one trash talking villain or one sage mentor/trainer/coach jaw on their own, you've heard them all.  If you've seen one smoothly-edited training montage that leads to the big, loud and predictable ending fight, you've seen the all.  "Southpaw" sadly brings nothing new to the table.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Equalizer

Denzel Washington's recent releases of "The Book of Eli," "Unstoppable," "Safe House," "Flight," and "2 Guns" have been some of the best financial earners of his career.  He hasn't had a film open under $20 million since 2003.  His age may have increased, but audiences still count on and flock to Denzel being the razor edge of intensity and initiative he's always been.  His latest film is no different and it reunites Denzel with his "Training Day" director Antoine Fuqua.  "The Equalizer" is a film remake of a CBS TV show that ran for four seasons from 1985 to 1989. 

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