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COLUMN: 2018 Box Office Predictions

With Black Panther showing no signs of slowing down, what films coming in 2018 can make similar dents in our wallets?  What blockbusters could put up big time numbers? Can anything catch Black Panther?  I know the oddsmakers and informative websites like Sports Betting Dime can be a great resource for answering those questions and examining the field.   In a quick list and editorial, let’s handicap and predict 10 contenders that could rule the 2018 box office.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Importance of Fog in Film

One of the most dramatic of all meteorological phenomenon is fog. It can be used to ratchet up tension, conceal terrifying creatures, and even provide important characters with a suitably dramatic entrance.  Spanning genres from horror to sci-fi, mist and fog are more versatile than mere set dressing.  This infographic from Vaping Man shares the importance (not forgetting the scare-factor) that fog brings to the silver screen.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: "Feelin' Film" Summer Movie Challenge

Aaron White and Patrick Hicks, the podcasters of Feelin' Film, have invited me to join a box office throwdown.  As the eventual winner, they don't know what hit them.  Joined by fellow Feelin' Film contributor, Steve Clifton of Popcorn Confessional, the four of us are aiming to predict which summer movies will rake at the box office in the second annual Feelin' Film Summer Movie Challenge.  

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