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MOVIE REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” is an brazen explosion of Crayola-sheened special effects wonder mixed with invisible grays of magnetic character growth and depth.  Just as with the first film, Marvel and company have taken a D-list roster of obscure also-rans and created new superstars and household names that you actually care about.  True to the unwritten rules of sequels, the core is bolstered and improvements have been made.

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100% of you right now are reading this review via the internet on either a computer or a mobile device.  Like it or not, you and I leave digital footprints everywhere we go.  The new pseudo-dystopian thriller “The Circle” incites the over-obvious social media and data-mining fears of our present surveillance society of sharing and shines them up into a shiny and engrossing yarn of mainstream entertainment.  Fiction or not, it’s the kind of film that may or may not irk you enough to take that Facebook sabbatical you keep saying you’ll do.

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MOVIE REVIEW: In a Valley of Violence

“In a Valley of Violence” lives up to the promised bloodshed suggested by its title and spins its own brand of tension and, best of all, a frank and bone-dry humor that blows into the whole film.  You will either love the comedic edge or find it a distraction from the revenge.  There is an undeniable panache to the absurdity that makes the film an absolute hoot.  This is the giddy Western Quentin Tarantino wishes he could make while he wastes six hours of our time and stretched disbelief.

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