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100% of you right now are reading this review via the internet on either a computer or a mobile device.  Like it or not, you and I leave digital footprints everywhere we go.  The new pseudo-dystopian thriller “The Circle” incites the over-obvious social media and data-mining fears of our present surveillance society of sharing and shines them up into a shiny and engrossing yarn of mainstream entertainment.  Fiction or not, it’s the kind of film that may or may not irk you enough to take that Facebook sabbatical you keep saying you’ll do.

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Every influential man or woman had a formative period of their life where their impressionable knowledge coalesced into cemented principles that would guide them going forward.  The outgoing 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, is no different.  The new Netflix and VOD entry “Barry,” from director Vikram Gandhi, muses on the internal and external catalysts that shaped the then-20-year-old piece of unformed clay into the future leader of the free world.  

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What makes "Boyhood" this extraordinary experience and achievement is the opposite of that adjective: the ordinary.  Linklater and company sought to deliver a genuine interpretation of a life experience without flashy movie bells and whistles.  There is a subdued beauty behind the technical expertise.  They know real life events don't play out or turn out like they do in the movies.  They aren't announced with inane plot-descriptive dialogue by supporting characters and sidekicks.  Real lives move in moments and operate in nuances.  Our lives aren't backed by an orchestrational score and neither is "Boyhood."  By operating in that style, the uniqueness of this divorce, divided family, and period of long change becomes approachable and even ordinary compared to other over-the-top family dramas that require multiple grains of salt to accept so many contrivances.

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