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GUEST CRITIC #21: Fifty Shades Darker with Sharon Mulyk

Two years ago, Sharon Mulyk graced this website with her guest review of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and we were all made better people for it.  I couldn’t let the sequel come around without inviting her back for “Fifty Shades Darker.”  Enjoy our newest GUEST CRITIC post!  

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COLUMN: 2016 Winter Movie Preview

More often than not, the movies that land in the months of January and February were either not good enough for qualifying for Oscars by the December 31st deadline or not chipper enough for the spring season.  Sometimes, there are those two things and worse.  See what you can circle and look forward to in this preview of the 2016 Winter Movie season.

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CHECKLIST: 2016 Winter Movie Calendar

Here is your lineup of upcoming films for the slowest annual season of the year, the post-holiday hangover before the arrival of spring.  Pick through this list and find a few winners.  Add these to your calendar or print and slip this list on the fridge.  As always, release dates shift all of the time, so be aware.  My full seasonal preview will be coming soon!  Enjoy!

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