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MOVIE REVIEW: Patriots Day

Where using a composite character gets dicey is when they are made the lead because their fictional presence can outweigh the history and accuracy around them.  Too much can be skewed to suit a character that doesn’t exist.  That is exactly what occurs in “Patriots Day,” Peter Berg’s third consecutive collaboration with Mark Wahlberg.  The makings for a stocked and stacked ensemble drama are dismantled by the misplaced hero worship that becomes little more than a vanity project.

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COLUMN: 2016 Winter Movie Preview

More often than not, the movies that land in the months of January and February were either not good enough for qualifying for Oscars by the December 31st deadline or not chipper enough for the spring season.  Sometimes, there are those two things and worse.  See what you can circle and look forward to in this preview of the 2016 Winter Movie season.

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COLUMN: 2015 Fall Movie Preview

After the traditional summer movie season of blockbusters, the following fall movie season tends to be a lull and a letdown before the next round of event films and the awards contenders fill up the months of November and December.  September is normally filled with rejects that weren't big enough for summer and not good enough for the holidays.  With Halloween capping October, the darker stuff tends to fill that month.  That's been the trend but the climate is shifting like the season.  It is with great surprise that this fall movie season, on paper, is shaping up to be truly legitimate.  

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