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MOVIE REVIEW: Suburbicon

Suburbicon lazily delivers a caper that lacks cleverness, smarts, and anything edgy other than the spurts of hemoglobin that stain a few starched shirts.  Even if it is pitch black by design, the final ingredient of fake sentimentality glazed over the proceedings is ineffective to add any varnish to the acidic angle of white-collar crime.  Nonsensical twist follows nonsensical twist for an aimless purpose.

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52nd Chicago International Film Festival U.S. Indies entry and presentation

“Middle Man” blends an acidic edge with showy panache that bleeds from every character, large and small.  Credit the devious fun of Crowley for the snappy dialogue that pops from each character.  The comedy is clever instead of coarse while maintaining its darkness.  Nearly every speaking part of this colorful cast of funhouse mirrors nails a zinger or two that fits right into that line of taste.

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Commonly, there are only two general reactions to witnessing an elaborate intentional joke of dark comedy.  You either admire the effort to relish the measured malice or you are appalled and disconnected to the sense of humor being exploited.  There will be very little gray area between those reactions for Todd Solondz’s “Wiener-Dog.”  Make no mistake.  For lack of a better term, this is a filmmaker being an asshole on purpose because he can and he doesn’t care.  You will either champion or loathe that supposed brilliance and brashness.  Buyer beware, honest and true dog lovers need to stay far away from this film.

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