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MOVIE REVIEW: Nocturnal Animals

The leap for every filmmaker is translating their creative eye to the cinematic medium.  Hitchcock’s feverish writing fed his mise-en-scene and attention to detail.  Spielberg grew his outdoor sense of adventure to the highest possibilities and beyond.  With an eye for the cultured human form and colorful finery, Tom Ford saturates every edge of his films with ornate style.  The man is never boring and neither is one iota of “Nocturnal Animals,” Ford’s second feature film and a cage-rattling psychological thriller.

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DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: Hitchcock/Truffaut

Picture your personal influences, either worshiped or admired, and imagine being granted the opportunity to have a conversation with them.  What would you talk about?  What would you ask them?  How would it change you?  In the world of cinema, such a conversation happened between a then-neophyte auteur Francois Truffaut and the aging master Alfred Hitchock in 1962.  Their documented meeting has gone on to inspire generations of future filmmakers and cinephiles.

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