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VIDEO: Post-film reactions to "The Light Between the Oceans"

Two founders and directors of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle felt the romantic power of "The Light Between Oceans" from director Derek Cianfrance and starring Oscar contenders Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, and Rachel Weisz.  Enjoy the first impressions of myself andJim Alexander of The Movie Blog and The Young Folks!

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Light Between Oceans

One could say melodramas take preposterous human mistakes and play them for dramatic effect.  They challenge the audience to interpret how you would act defiantly or morally differently in the same situation.  These films do so while still compelling you watch in hope for any semblance of a happy ending.  To understand “The Light Between Oceans” is to understand melodrama.  The themes of melodramatic journeys are meant to be arduous.  In the medium of film, the clinchers that aid in the ability to embrace and appreciate a melodrama are its tone and the acting performances.  “The Light Between Oceans” flourishes to accomplish both benchmarks.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Hell or High Water

If I was trying to create a snazzy pull quote to add to the "Hell or High Water" lobby poster (one that is already filled with oversold promises), it would be "redneck edge."  Fashioned as a genre-advancing Modern Western from the same screenwriter that knocked us out with "Sicario" last year, director David Mackenzie's new film is inspired in ambition but lax in execution.  Its edge is the inability to decide whether to bark or bite.

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