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Jon Favreau’s The Lion King stands as the biggest test to all of that progress and the attached criticism because of how little beyond the pristinely pixelated exterior is actually “reimagined.” So incredibly and, dare I say, unnecessarily much is nearly a shot-for-shot duplication of Disney’s most popular and most successful film of their Renaissance era. To go back to Dumbo, duplicated enjoyment may have been the goal, but that makes one question a tangible purpose for truly needing any such update. Luckily, the shininess, so to speak, is an undeniably impressive redeeming feature to a lack of implemented originality.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Jungle Book

By employing all of the bells and whistles of today's digital effects and key frame animation, director Jon Favreau's live-action reimagining of Walt Disney's adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" sets its own stage very quickly to put adventure and peril first and foremost.  The groovy and memorable song-and-dance numbers from the original's 1967 soundtrack are forever revered as the leading component of the traditional animated classic's charm.  Those episodes of music have been trimmed from six songs to about two-and-a-half.  Ferocity steps ahead of frolic and you might ask yourself how you feel about that when you watch "The Jungle Book."

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Good Dinosaur

As familiar and predictable as it turns out, by golly, "The Good Dinosaur" will still get you to smile greatly and tear up uncontrollably.  Pixar consistently gets its emotion and resonance exactly right.  This film achieves that signature Pixar punch effectively enough to be fitting holiday entertainment.

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