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MOVIE REVIEW: Blood Father

”Blood Father” resurrects the cagey and fierce Mel Gibson.   Languishing on an invisible black list, the “Braveheart” Oscar winner is living in a new age demographic and hoping to crack back into the larger spotlight.  Mel might not be able to leap through dozens of stunt sequences anymore, but the man has lost none of his psychological vigor or resolve.  His brand of crazy still works in this throwback actioner. 

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2

With all honesty, this writer has never been a fan of "The Hunger Games."   Dystopian worlds and brassy films about them are always fascinating, but kids-killing-kids-for-sport isn't a cup of tea fitting of endorsement.  It is easy to be intrigued but admittedly hard to be entertained by such a thing.  With the profit-milking complete from "Part 1" last November, "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2" ties together its loose ends with reasonable quality.  To this critic, the series has always come down to your tolerance of overwrought melodrama, your acceptance of illogical hang-ups, and your stomach for grim fictionalized massacre with a high body count being pushed on kids.  It's hard to be a fan of that bleakness.  

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CHECKLIST: 2015 Holiday Movie Calendar

Here is your lineup of upcoming films for the peak Oscar season months of November and December.  Add these to your calendar or print and slip this list on the fridge.  As always, release dates shift all of the time, so be aware.  My full seasonal preview will be coming soon!  Enjoy!

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