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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on Episode 2 of the "Reel Talker" podcast hosted by Jim Alexander

Fellow Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle co-founder and co-director Jim Alexander of The Movie Blog and The Young Folks recently started his own personal website dubbed Reel Talker.  He has fired up a weekly podcast where he reviews current theatrical films, new Blu-ray and home media releases, and the hot movie news and trends of the week.  Jim invited me to guest on his second episode.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Great Wall

"The Great Wall" is an imposing creature feature that stands as a three-headed glamour project.  You have an A-list star venturing overseas for international credibility and a splashy director landing his official English-language debut.  Aiming higher in aspiration is a production company hoping to open a new and profitable pipeline of investment between Hollywood and China.  Visually splendid from top to bottom, this epic adventure squeaks by on its looks and spares no expense to make sure of that.

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