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MOVIE REVIEW: Hacksaw Ridge

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the career path of Mel Gibson, either in front or behind the camera, that "Hacksaw Ridge" rings up the descriptor of "excessive" more than any film to date this year.  "Hacksaw Ridge" is a war film of excessive violence operatically woven into a biopic screen story of excessive hero worship based on a true story of World War II Congressional Medal of Honor winner Desmond Doss.  Both excesses are laid on very thick.  Only half of one of them are worth it.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Knight of Cups

The title of "Knight of Cups" from polarizing filmmaker Terrance Malick refers to the tarot card of the same name, a symbol that represents someone "constantly bored, in constant need of stimulation, but also artistic and refined."  You don't say?  That label may just apply to anyone in the audience watching this film.  Your copacetic taste is better than this film and you will be spiritless and dispassionate, matching the assigned astrology.

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The latest film from director John Hilllcoat is a deadly game of cops and robbers.  The rub in "Triple 9"  is that the cops are the robbers.  Painted with thick coat of fictional grit capable of kicking in our audience doors, the director's sixth feature aims to be a new "Heat" for this era.  Boasting a stellar top-shelf cast of dedicated, yet mismatched parts, "Triple 9" does its best to battle treacherous flaws.

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