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MOVIE REVIEW: Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour and Gary Oldman exhibit tremendous fight to match the vigor of the era.  The film builds its mounting prospects of calamity and clashes of dissension with polish and gumption, avoiding many of the dull notes normally saddling most other behind-the-war-room yak-fest.  The screenplay shrewdly skips laborious biographical notes and tautly fixates primarily on the two weeks of debate leading up to Operation Dynamo

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Creating entertaining biopics about a universally disgraced figure are a hard sell under that key word of "entertaining."  If they attempt to create sympathy, a duel of alienation and bias can arise.  A good, thought-provoking movie has to fearlessly dig deeper.  As Van der Rohe is attributed to saying, "the devil is in the details."  Exposing the sordid and untold details of what led to the subject's defamation is where your film gets interesting.  The rise and fall of champion cyclist Lance Armstrong is fertile ground and a fresh wound that has yet to be solved.  "The Program," directed "Philomena" and "The Queen" Oscar nominee Stephen Frears, pedals uphill in attempting to shine a light on the dark details.

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