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MOVIE REVIEW: Star Trek Beyond

The toothpaste is out of the tube, so to speak, for this current “Star Trek” franchise stewarded by J.J. Abrams.  Seven years into a reboot of erasure, there’s no going back.  This new cast and new timeline is here to stay.  If the die-hards haven’t dealt with it by now, they likely never will.  Those who arrived in 2009 with wide eyes and a fresh heart have not been disappointed.  “Star Trek Beyond” pushes a stellar and steady progression of shiny and modern blockbuster filmmaking with the right salutes to beloved nostalgia that warm from within.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

No matter where today's "Star Wars" fans come from, all of them want the same thing out of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."  Everyone wants an inspired, entertaining, and compelling fantasy adventure.  They want a return of the emotions, wonder, and heartstrings that stirred and inspired their souls when they first encountered these science fiction fantasies.  With great pleasure and a nearly pitch perfect blend of innovation and reminiscence, J.J. Abrams promised, and now has delivered, all that anyone could hope for with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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MOVIE REVIEW: Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

There are certain things Tom Cruise does absolutely right and playing Ethan Hunt is one of them.  Like him or not as a person outside of the multiplex, Cruise remains the undisputed and penultimate action star in the world today, if not in all of the history of cinema.  He pushes the envelope like no one else and, as a producer in this series, he puts his money where his safety harness is.  What he dares to do on-screen pays off in superior results.  

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