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In some political circles, “lobbyists” are the advocates that “get things done.”  In others, the job title is a dirty word than many are quick to refute or redefine.  When Hollywood screenwriters decide to lionize the role of the lobbyist, they hop on the #NastyWoman bandwagon, cast Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain, and give you “Miss Sloane.”  For all of the sound bite talk about “draining the swamp” to kill the metaphorical mosquitoes, doing so leaves the carnivores behind.  Make no mistake, “Miss Sloane” showcases a true apex predator.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Anesthesia

When a crime is committed, an unfortunate convergence of fate, luck, and coincidence occrs between people that would otherwise be strangers.  The violent and emotional sting of that event then spreads to the family and friends of all parties involved, from perpetrator to victim.  Like ripples in a pond, one incident can affect dozens.  Actor/director Tim Blake Nelson's new film and fifth directorial feature, "Anesthesia," probes that social reverberation in a provocative way.

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