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But all of those lofty intentions will not be automatically transcendent for everyone.  Let me say it like this as delicately as I can.  The level of your Christian faith, or lack thereof, will formulate your reaction, appreciation, or acceptance of “Silence.”  It is an agonizing personal test for an audience, just the same as it is for the characters on screen.  This will either be a soul-rattling testament or maddening torture.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Homesman

We men can’t resist a good western.  On paper, the new film opening in Chicago this week, “The Homesman,” starring and directed by Tommy Lee Jones could sell tickets to us men just by his presence alone.  His gruff persona is perfect for the genre in every way.  The “guy film” potential and exterior stops there at Tommy Lee Jones.  “The Homesman,” adapted from the novel of the same name from notable western writer Glendon Swarthout dives deeper, darker, and fervently towards a different perspective.

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