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COLUMN: 2016 Spring Movie Preview

The spring movie season is meant to bring promise coming out of winter, the slowest annual season of the year.  The awards seasons is done and gone and new movies can make their mark on 2016.  Most of the blockbusters we've been drooling over are still looming for when summer hits in May.  However, for several years now, more tentpole movies are starting to stake their claim and populate the spring season where the competition is much less than the summer gauntlet which presents a new slugger every week from May until August.

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CHECKLIST: 2016 Spring Movie Calendar

Here is your lineup of upcoming films for the ever-warming spring movie season that aims to put winter behind us.  Pick through this list for March and April and find a few winners.  Add these to your calendar or print and slip this list on the fridge. 

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CHECKLIST: 2015 Fall Movie Calendar

Thank you for all of your patience with my long month of August travel for work.  Things are slowing down and I'll be catching up soon.  Looking ahead, the 2015 fall movie season is just around the corner.  My full and complete preview will be coming soon, but here's a calendar and checklist of the upcoming season's releases.  Print this, slap it on the fridge, or fill you calendar!

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