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GUEST CRITICS #27: A Bad Mom's Christmas

In a return engagement for a zany sequel, Every Movie Has a Lesson welcomes back the four fine ladies and working moms of the "TTC" (Terrific Teacher Committee).  Say hello again to Donna Ferretti, Kelly Johnson, Manda Torres, and my own wife, Mrs. Thanh Shanahan, the purveyor of this website's "Pillow Rankings" section.  Sixteen months ago, they reviewed Bad Moms on this website as "Guest Critics."  

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As a very special occasion, my "Guest Critics" this time are four very lovely and special ladies.  What makes them lovely and special?  The fact that they are all mothers makes those adjectives appropriate and just two of many possible superlatives.  One of them just happens to my wife too!  

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EDITORIAL: The 10 best movies set in Hawaii

Let's look at the best films set in and about Hawaii, its people, citizens, and history.  To make this list, the film has to actually be about and predominantly set in Hawaii.  Any movies that start or end somewhere else, where Hawaii is purely a side trip or vacation, are not good enough.  Here are the top ten as they stand before the arrival of "Aloha" this weekend.  Can that film crack this list?  We shall see.

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