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Young writer-director Drake Doremus has carved out a reputable niche in the romantic drama department.  Many of the Sundance darling's films feature a prominent theme of longing love.  That motif is on full display and meshed with mindful science fiction in his new film "Equals."  Starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart and backed by Ridley Scott, the film is making a limited theatrical run alongside a full release on VOD marketplaces.  Mindful doesn’t exactly equal poignancy on the scale of desired response.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen has the Midas touch of artistic credibility.  Non-actors become notable presences.  No-name actors become discovered somebodies.  Name actors look better than they normally do and great actors get even greater, even when the films aren't that great.  In his latest film, "Magic in the Moonlight," Allen bestows that touch on one great actor and one name actress with Colin Firth and Emma Stone as his leads. 

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