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MOVIE REVIEW: The Confirmation

If we were to play Word Association and you were given the name Clive Owen, what would you say?  The lucky astute of us who have followed Clive since 1998's "Croupier" have seen him play brash and gruff villains, antiheroes, and leading men.  As of the new film "The Confirmation," you have very likely never seen him play a domestic father.  Now, north of 50 years old, here's Clive Owen in a role that doesn't require, nor utilize, any of the sexy traits that made him a James Bond candidate before Daniel Craig.

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OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2014: The writing and directing awards

It's time to make my formal predictions.  In this fourth post, we are starting to get to the major award categories.  Here are my picks for the two screenplay awards and Best Director.  Let's go!  Stick with me and I will win you your Oscar pool. 

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