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VIDEO: Post-film reactions to "Sully"

Three top-notch film critics of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle survived the miracle flight recreations and Clint Eastwood's soft touch of "Sully," starring Tom Hanks. Hear the mixed reactions after an advance screening from Jon Espino, Emmanuel Noisette, and myself!

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Celebrated director Clint Eastwood is no stranger to biopics based on historical figures, making him an ardent practitioner of hero worship.  Because the 86-year-old, four-time Oscar winner classically directs with a soft hand and a comely tone, his brand of adoration consistently lands on the veneration half of the definition.  Combining forces for the first time with another hero worship professional in All-American leading man Tom Hanks on “Sully,” you have double the cinematic potential of cherished devotion.

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