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OSCAR FUN: Betting odds, prop bets, and party ideas!

I enjoy tracking the trends and changes on my annual Awards Tracker, but once we get to crunch time before the Academy Awards, the cash flow takes over.  I want my promise of "stick with me and I will win you your Oscar pool" to become more ironclad every year. Betting websites and odds-makers, like those at, can put spin some monetary probability into predicting the future Oscar winners. 

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OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2018: My full and official list of predictions

All of the tea leaves on my 2018 Awards Tracker have been read.  The analysis and breakdown.  My seven editorial columns of detailed picks are complete using my head more than my heart.  These aren't my personal choices of what "should" win.  It's what I think "will" win because you and I have got Oscar pools to dominate!  Here's my complete and master list of predictions for the 90th Academy Awards.

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