EDITORIAL: Underrated Sci-Fi Movies to Watch on a Date


Five Underrated Sci-fi Movies to Watch on a Date 

 Movies are the best way to spend your date: it's a safe bet; it's always a comfortable choice because you can choose to be intimate and kiss throughout the film or pretend «interested» if you don't feel that comfortable with a new date. But these movies will definitely fascinate you so much that you wouldn't want to take a break and grab another portion of popcorn without pausing the movie. Also, it is a list of most awesome and most underrated films that might not be a huge success in Hollywood but earned many rewards and niche critic's positive reviews. Enjoy all the movies for sci-fi fans. 

I Origins  

This is a sci-fi melodrama. It's a movie about scientific research which is alternated by the evidence of the divine creation. The main subject of interest was the drawing of the iris of the human eye. The young researcher is fascinated by the study of the evolution of vision, and his girlfriend is convinced that not everything in the world can be explained by scientific terms. Her sudden death plunges him into depression. Years later, life gives him the opportunity to look at reality from a completely different side: all he needs to do is to allow the likelihood of reincarnation. The movie is perfect for those who like difficult stories and tough choices. It has a special flavor and fascinating atmosphere and raises many thoughts about the origin of things. Scientific research against incomprehensible facts, evolution or divine principle: what should we believe in? Is an atheist scientist able to save his convictions? 

Mr. Nobody 

Nemo wakes a flabby old man. Mr. Nobody was the only mortal in this alternative fictional future. The whole human race has gained immortality, and they are following the story of crazy old Nemo who is waiting for his death through their TV screens. Before his death, a journalist visits him to take an interview. The old man tells him a long story about how many lives he managed to live throughout his long existence, dying multiple times and staying Mr. Nobody

Nemo tells several stories at once, jumping from one possible reality to another. When his parents divorced, he did not know whom he wanted to stay with – his mother or father. In the first case, he would experience strong love and lose his beloved person. In the second case scenario, he would take care of a sick father and have problems at school. Every time Nemo has to choose one thing, his life has multiple choices and provides different alternative realities, and everything is somehow connected with the life of the whole Universe. 

The Signal 

Three hackers began receiving weird messages from a stranger under the nickname NOMAND. The guys could not even imagine that the one who writes those messages is not a human but real extraterrestrial intelligence. After a while, they find themselves in a trap but manage to escape. It seemed that the worst was over, but after some time, a secret organization created by the government began chasing them. Its representatives are confident those guys pose a huge threat to humanity.  

The Lobster 

The movie takes place in the near future where every single person is doomed to a forced search of a couple. They are assigned to this task, and, if not coping with it, they are transformed into animals. David is a lonely man, who, under strict law, is sent to a special hotel where he must find his soul mate in just 45 days. David is trying to do everything possible to complete the task. He is well aware that it would be very difficult, so the protagonist has already chosen to continue to exist as a lobster.  


The film takes place in 2044. Being on the verge of extinction, humankind creates robots the duties of which include doing dirty work. There are two basic rules: a robot cannot hurt a person and modify itself and other machines. But once people noticed that several machines had repaired themselves without the participation of the operator. The epidemic among robots is spreading with huge speed.

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