EDITORIAL: Most Influential Movies for Bodybuilders

(Image: cheatsheet.com)

(Image: cheatsheet.com)

The 10 Most Influential Movies for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is no longer a hobby like it used to be. Many people are now involved in bodybuilding as a career and even employ personal managers. This means that this physical activity has devolved a lot over time. If you want to start this career today, staying motivated is the first step that you need to take. Some movies that revolve around weight lifting and bodybuilding will probably do the magic.

The list we have prepared below has the top ten most influential movies for bodybuilders. In fact, it is crucial for both novices and experienced bodybuilders to watch these movies. Read on to learn more.

CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession (2015)

This movie was released by the famous star CT Fletcher. It is a weight lifting movie that shows how powerful one man is. But most importantly, it is his journey in muscle building and what has got him to where he is. Those who are just starting with muscle building should watch and emulate this movie. It also shows what CT Fletcher eats to remain strong and how he exercises. Be sure to watch this motivational movie with your friends to learn a few tactics of becoming an iron muscle.

Generation Iron (2013)

This motivating documentary is a must-watch for all bodybuilders and athletes at large. In fact, it has brought together most prominent bodybuilders in the history including Arnold Schwarzenegger. It mostly shows their training life as they prepare for ''Mr. Olympia.'' Even those who are not into fitness are likely to love this movie and learn a few things from it. According to those who have watched the movie, it is quite an inspiring documentary with a lesson of hard work and persistence.

Evolution of Bodybuilding (2012)

This is a useful bodybuilding documentary that covers many successful bodybuilders. It also shows the other side, like their failure and why they think it happened. The combination of success and failure is an excellent inspiration to all people who are in fitness. Be sure to watch this no matter which level of bodybuilding you are at. However, it is more helpful to those who have already given up on weight lifting or power training. After learning that others have failed too, you will put in more effort to wake up from where you are.

Muscle Beach Then and Now (2011)

Venice is known for beach muscles. The bodybuilders here have been working out in this location for decades and have already made this hub very famous. The documentary was made by shooting the finest bodybuilders and the activities they are involved in on a daily basis. Some famous bodybuilders like Joe Gold are captured in this documentary and it shows how they have transformed this place as they go around showing people their prowess. After watching this documentary, you will realize that some people do it with more than passion.

Why We Train (2008)

Venice Beach is the spotlight here. Those in fitness probably know that this California beach is famous for muscle building. This documentary is about the importance of training hard, persistently, and in the right way. Those who go on this path will definitely succeed like the bodybuilders featured in this movie. Therefore, this is a good movie to watch to remain motivated at all times. Luckily, you can watch it whether you are an amateur or an experienced person. All athletes who want to get some respect for fitness should watch this movie without fail.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)

This documentary movie is not only inspiring, but helps bodybuilders who are skeptical about anabolic steroids. If you have already bought a pack from the Steroidsfax website and you are scared of using them, this movie will help you to take the pills as recommended without doubt. The movie is about the use of anabolic steroids in the USA and how they can have helped many athletes achieve their dreams. The director, Christopher Bell, also wanted to show how the lack of consistency in the use of these enhancers can affect your performance. This movie will motivate any bodybuilder.

The Bodybuilder and I (2007)

A father and son are the main focus of this bodybuilding movie. The elderly man wants to prove to the entire world that he can make it in bodybuilding. However, the most interesting part about the movie is how these two train hard to build muscles and become experienced and successful bodybuilders. It is one of the movies that any fitness enthusiast should not miss. It is also an interesting family movie that all will enjoy.

Pumping Iron 2: The Women (1985)

While most bodybuilding movies focus on strong men, this one is for the ladies. Although it was not widely welcomed like the original Pumping Iron, it is an inspiration for the women in bodybuilding. This movie and documentary is perceived as one of the best ever, and it shows how women can be successful in bodybuilding. If your woman wants to join you in a career of lifting heavy weights and building a masculine body, this is one of the best movies to suggest to her. It will even be better to watch it together because you can also get some insights from it.

The Comeback (1980)

For those who have watched Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies, you know his infamous line, ''I will be a back.'' Indeed, this is a comeback as he makes a seventh return to the ''Mr. Olympia'' competition. Although he comes in at the last minute while others have already trained hard, he performs well. This is an inspiration to all people in fitness. It means that you can make it even if your goals seems too difficult. Therefore, be sure to watch this movie without fail. It is not only an entertaining movie, but one that greatly inspires all athletes, especially those at the brink of giving up.

Pumping Iron (1977)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has greatly contributed to the evolution of bodybuilding. Most of his movies show might, muscles, and extreme power. However, none have come out quite as well as this movie that introduced bodybuilding as a career for many. It revolves around powerful men preparing for a bodybuilding tournament called ''Mr. Universe.'' Every one of them makes a lot of effort to win first place. There is also another group that is training for ''Mr. Olympia'' who make an equal amount of effort although the two groups collide. Apart from being entertaining, it is a motivating movie for bodybuilders.


These are some of the best movies for bodybuilders out there. You will realize that none of them encourage giving up. Therefore, this is an activity for strong men and women who know nothing about giving up. Watch these movies to remain strong.