MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on January 7, 2019

Notable and notorious IndieWire film critic David Ehrlich recently put out a social media call for film critic peers to join a weekly survey to discuss movie topics, answer questions, and highlight their work.  Representing Every Movie Has a Lesson, I, along with over 60 other emerging and established film critics including some of my fellow Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle members and Aaron White of Feelin’ Film, accepted the invitation to participate.  I'm honored by the opportunity, and I hope my responses are chosen each week.  

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What are your hopes for 2019 for movies and movie culture?

For the first IndieWire Critics Survey of the new year, this question immediately reminded me of my annual “New Years Resolutions for the Movie Industry” column that I really enjoy writing every December and January. My recent 2019 piece had eleven resolutions and I went for one on the Oscars. I’m really impressed by the entire collected article of responses, many of which ask for equal parts of equity and levity. For those folks out there that think most film critics are pretentious snobs, come read this strong unity of positive opinions. This was a great start for 2019. Also of note, because this was the first survey of the year, all of the participants had their sites and Twitter handles linked. Add to your rotation of informers.

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