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MOVIE REVIEW: The Secret Life of Pets

What keeps “The Secret Life of Pets” entertaining is the redeeming measure of charisma.  Nothing is ever to a "Pixar Punch" level, yet the ever-present plucky pizzazz washes down the occasional preposterous stupidity with the right cooling chaser.  You could do far worse for family summer fun at the theater.  Now go home and hug that adorable pooch you left home from the movie theater.  He or she has been waiting for you.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Finding Dory

Unless the title begins with "Toy Story," Disney/Pixar has not had very good luck with effective sequels.  "Cars 2" aimed too high for a bigger international stage and "Monsters University" failed as a bonding origin story prequel.  Thirteen years after the original, "Finding Dory" changes that weak trend with a winning flourish.  Teeming with plenty of vibrant energy and anchored by Pixar's signature punch of finely tuned emotional storytelling, this sequel will delight audiences young and old and earns its mature place as a companion piece to the classic "Finding Nemo."

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MOVIE REVIEW: Concussion

Any time a film about a real-life whistleblower steps into view, the central question almost always becomes "Is it really true?"  Audiences are commonly kind to a good human interest story of this sort, especially when it is spun into an entertaining drama or comedy.  However, they are equally quick to disown one that stretches its claims of truth too far.  Knowing that dramatization will always be a prominent ingredient in these types of films "based on a true story," we have to settle for asking "Is it true enough?"  Such is the weighty burden of "Concussion," starring Will Smith and directed by Peter Landesman.

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