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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on "Feelin' It" quick take on "The Beguiled"

Feelin' Film host Aaron White and I hashed out our thoughts on Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled, debuting this weekend in theaters after wowing the Cannes Film Festival last month.  It hit Aaron more than it hit me, but this counts as a wickedly entertaining remake from Coppola. We try to inform you so you can decide whether this seductively complex, yet simple, film is one for you.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Reviewing "Baywatch" on Super News Live from Creators Media

I was invited to be a contributor on their weekly Super News Live program on Facebook.  The page has a whopping 474,000+ likes!  One of their new segments collects quick reviews and hot takes of current new film releases from site contributors like myself.  Check out your boy batting second in this video talking Baywatch.

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