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MEDIA APPEARANCE: "Connecting With Classics" Episode 8: "Lawrence of Arabia"

Closing out the main summer months with the August pick of the Feelin' Film Podcast "Connecting With Classics" series, host Aaron White and I needed to carve out some serious committed time to absorb and appreciate the longest film ever to win the Best Picture Oscar.  That revered classic and victor is the 56-year-old Lawrence of Arabia from director David Lean and it has a lengthy resume of accolades, rankings, and awards    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the definition of a true Hollywood epic.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: "Connecting With Classics" Episode 7: "Vertigo"

Aaron White and I have been circling Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo for months, ever since it officially celebrated its 60th anniversary on May 9th.  Next to Casablanca, it’s probably the highest regarded film “Connecting With Classics” will present in this series during this inaugural year of 2018.  We here dive into the AFI’s Top 100, but Vertigo sits atop "The 50 Greatest Films of Time" as voted on by the British Film Institute’s Sight and Sound magazine.  Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t get much better than this.

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EDITORIAL: My picks for the greatest movie scores

Here's my official list of my top 10 movie scores with three unbreakable ties.  I can't call them the "greatest," but I'll put my list next to anyone's and defend my choices.  My friends and followers kind of poked the bear and encouraged me to make and rank my own list.  Well, I love a good challenge and I knew this one would be easy.  Movie scores and I get along.  

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