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MEDIA APPEARANCE: YouTube guest on YPA Reviews talking all things "Dunkirk"

YouTube creator extraordinaire Mike Crowley of the "You'll Probably Agree" channel, a.k.a. YPA Reviews, invited me as an on-camera guest for the second time.  This past May, we ranted on the overrated qualities of Terrence Malick.  This time, we throw down on all things Dunkirk, including full reviews, fighting and tempering Christopher Nolan fandom, and the state of art house vs. Netflix.  Mike's show can be digested in three parts: the Dunkirk review, the sidebar talk on Nolan, and the full uncut version of all topics.

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Welcome to the polarizing gamut of engagement, acceptance, and disquiet of A Ghost Story.  This is a wholly original film that takes preparation, patience, absorption, and reflection that some, or even many, may not be ready for.  Presented in the rounded and claustrophobic corners of a centered 1.33:1 aspect ratio, it is safe to say, you will see nothing like this all year and maybe several more.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on YPA Reviews' "The Cinephrauds"

Mike Crowley's YPA Reviews was soliciting for participants and topics for a video series of discussions highlighting guest-chosen overrated films, performers, and filmmakers.  I nominated myself and the highly regarded auteur of Terrence Malick and a meeting and a rant on camera was born.  Enjoy both the refined and uncut versions of our enlivened talk below!

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