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MOVIE REVIEW: Viceroy's House

The most superlative aspect of Viceroy’s House and its chronicle of national history for the countries of India and Pakistan is the personal passion behind the project.  Bend it Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice director Gurinder Chadha is the granddaughter of family displaced by the largest migration of people in recorded human history that occurred during the Partition of India of seventy years ago.  There is an undeniable core of importance and respect present in the film that shows the great care of Chadha and all involved.

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51st Chicago International Film Festival Highlight special presentation

When you have a film adaptation of a William Shakespeare play as arresting, brawny, and commanding as Justin Kurzel's "Macbeth," one has to throw the theater snob rant out the window.  They are exactly like the "book is better than the movie crowd" only more under-served.   We get it.  No cinematic adaptation is ever going to satisfy everyone.  My advice is get over the nit-picking and soak in a movie and treat it as a different medium entirely than the static stage.  This new "Macbeth" is an event, not a play, and a darn good one.

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