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COLUMN: The 10 Best Films of 2018

If this teacher/critic learned anything himself this year it’s to more consistently define the difference between “favorite” and “best.” Often they are different measures, yet it is a special distinction when some films can be both. That’s a whole bunch of those of this definitive 2018 list. All ten and a few extra were no-doubt five-star films for me. True to this website’s specialty, each film will be paired with its best life lesson. Enjoy!

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CAPSULE REVIEWS: Feature films of the 6th Chicago Critics Film Festival

UPDATED: Found within are my capsule reviews of the feature films and documentaries covered by Every Movie Has a Lesson from this year’s 6th Chicago Critics Film Festival.  This post will be updated as new films are reviewed are completed, so be sure to bookmark this and come back each day as new offerings arrive.  Build your 2018 hidden gem list and see you at the Music Box Theatre in Lakeview!

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