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MOVIE REVIEW: War for the Planet of the Apes

A significant shift in attention and investment has occurred in this series.  Our hearts and allegiances swayed from rooting for the madness of our own mankind to the superior traits of humanity exhibited by Caesar and his ape brethren.  A transformation of empathy like that is downright miraculous.  War for the Planet of Apes is a full-bodied epic of glory and pain that matches and then exceeds the moving importance and heart this rebooted franchise has established in two previous knockout films.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Jurassic World

Spectacle defines "Jurassic World" perfectly.  Just as the dictionary definition states, the blockbuster is unusual, notable, and entertaining in an eye-catching, dramatic, and very public way.  It is loud and dumb, but, hot damn, it sure is fun.  More discerning tastes will definitely gravitate to the "object of curiosity and contempt" version of the definition and they wouldn't be wrong in doing so.  In the end, the simple definitions seal "Jurassic World" too.  It is an very impressive monster movie and it will indeed attract attention and shock.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Every single positive piece of praise and advanced buzz about this movie is completely true.  The is the best movie I have seen this summer, by a landslide.  This film is tremendous on every single level.  This is the summer blockbuster you need to pay to see.  This is the movie you'll make a point to put on the shelf or the digital library in the future.  This is the movie that, years from now, you will point to as the coming out party for something even bigger that's happened since.  This is the movie we were promised and were waiting for.  This one is going to leave a mark on our cinematic memory. 

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