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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on Episode 4 of the "Reel Talker" podcast hosted by Jim Alexander

In Episode 4 of the new Reel Talker podcast, fellow CIFCC director Jim Alexander and I discuss The Mummy,  I, Daniel Blake, My Cousin Rachel, and It Comes at Night newly arriving to theaters.  In part two, we talk about the week's new Blu-ray/DVD releases and hot topic movie trends from the week.  Listen and enjoy!

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MOVIE REVIEW: My Cousin Rachel

Roger Michell stiffens his upper lip from his Love, Actually and Notting Hill fare to tackle a costume drama with My Cousin Rachel.  Oddly enough, this film can stake a serendipitous claim as the second Michell-directed film about “kissing cousins” after Hyde Park on the Hudson.  Unfortunately, more than a little uncomfortable laughter of preposterousness pokes out of this film while trying to portray itself as flowing romantic drama.  That’s not going to sweep anyone.

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