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MOVIE REVIEW: The 5th Wave

Thanks to the "Harry Potter," "Hunger Games," and "Twilight" series, we have had an over-flooded movie market of young adult novel adaptations with more forgettable failures than winning successes.  Because we have reached an oversaturation point, the questions necessary for any new entry looking to get a piece of the pie are: What can you offer that is different and what makes you necessary?  Though it tries, "The 5th Wave" cannot answer the bell with convincing responses.

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The extraordinary new film "Spotlight" answers the motivating historical benchmark set by "All the President's Men" nearly four decades ago to make a truly transcendent film about real print journalism and true history.  Chronicling another Pulitizer Prize-winning case of investigative journalism, director Tom McCarthy's fifth directorial effort is nothing short of a new masterpiece.  "Spotlight" is, far and away, the best film about the media since Clooney's "Good Night and Good Luck" and the best about print journalism since Pakula's landmark classic.  This film will make people rewrite "best of" lists.   

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