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GUEST CRITIC #26: Murder on the Orient Express

Fellow Chicago critic Jeff York is a delight to talk to on any and all topics, but our movie chats have become truly special.  Jeff was able to view and review Kenneth Branagh's remake of Murder on the Orient Express. He's a self-professed fan and cover-to-cover expert on the Agatha Christie source novel and the previously celebrated 1974 film adaptation.  His review will do better informative service than mine ever would. 

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As a big Christopher Nolan fan and supporter, this review was difficult.  Critic after critic is calling Dunkirk Nolan's masterpiece and best film to date.  I simply can't do that and no filmmaker should ever get a pass.  In fact, it might be the worst of his films I have seen, but that's like slipping from a king-size Sleep Number mattress to a king-size pillowtop mattress.  The fall isn't far.  Allow me to explain.  Here's my "Movie Classroom" interactive whiteboard presentation of the audio form of my written review as it appears posted on Every Movie Has a Lesson's YouTube channel.

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