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"Get On Up," the new film from "The Help" director Tate Taylor breaks away from a good chunk of the formula and cliche pitfalls that beset biographical films.  With the casting of lesser-known Chadwick Boseman and the flavor by which it does its time-hopping, "Get On Up" succeeds in those two extra qualities that I like to see in a really good biopic.  For that, the film separates itself nicely from the rest of the pack as one of the best biographical films in recent memory.

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EDITORIAL: The 15 films to watch for the 2015 Oscars

Once one awards season ends, another one begins!  The winners from last night's 86th Academy Awards can bask in the glow of immortality for a while.  Meanwhile, business in Hollywood will quickly shift and move on to the 87th Academy Awards that will happen in February or March of 2015.  Here are 15 films to watch for the 2015 Oscars.

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