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Buyer beware, do not go into this movie hungry.  You will chew the arm off of the person next to you and that's never a good date move (unless you're watching a zombie flick, which this is far from).  Folks, do the dinner before the movie on this one, ladies and gentlemen, or you will willingly overeat afterwards.  I warned you now.  You'll see.  

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ADVANCE MOVIE REVIEW: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Speaking of poker, if "Iron Man 3" is a hefty full house and "Thor: The Dark World" is a handsome straight, then "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a straight flush.  I will echo the early reviews coming in and say that this is arguably Marvel's best made film to date.  The movie is a kinetically smart clash of political espionage set on a superhero action stage.  There's not a wasted moment of non-importance and the twists and turns triple anything attempted by "Iron Man 3" or "Thor: The Dark World."

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