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Take away every rooted piece of cheesy disconnect and disdain you have calcified in your hearts and minds for whatever bloated quality you remember or assigned to the six-film "Rocky" series and shelf it immediately.  The spin-off film "Creed" is a new tangent that gracefully and respectfully builds from the nostalgic anchor that comes with the "Rocky" territory,  but grows to never be bound by that history for a second.  Ryan Coogler's film successfully strives to be its own bold and rousing saga fitting of the shared connection.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

By tackling the subject of cancer and doing so in the guise of a quirky high school comedy, "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" stands out as proof that a movie can be earnest and humorous at the same time.  It can be understated in one moment and then completely outgoing the next.  It is a film that can feel facetious and yet still be profound.  It takes the modern high school setting that is deliberately riddled with innate tropes, stereotypes, and cliches and masterfully steers around every single one of them to offer you something smart, touching, and, most of all, original.  That is no small feat and something to stand up and celebrate.

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OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2014: The race for Best Picture

In this seventh and final post, we have come to the big finish.  Here is my breakdown for the race for Best Picture.  This is the big one and the cherry on top for my prediction series.  Stick with me and I will win you your Oscar pool.  Let's go!

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